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4 Efficient Ways to Organize Your Pantry

Organizing is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up.

-A. A. Milne

  1. Dump Out the Old

No matter the size of your pantry, giving it a deep cleaning should be the first task on your list. You can start by taking everything out at once or by working top to bottom. When taking items out it’s important to develop a system. Having a simple keep and discard system will do just fine. For the items you wish to dispose of, if they are still good and you are able to donate them to a food bank, we encourage you to do so. For the things you wish to keep, sort out every item into categories. An essential item to add to your pantry in deep cleaning are shelf liners. Not only do they add a layer or protection to the shelf, it makes cleaning up any mess a breeze. On top of that, it gives shelves a polished look. Lastly, vacuum and clean the floors. Now you have a blank and clean canvas to work with!

  1. Get the Proper Storage Containers

Having the proper containers...

4 Easy Ways to Create the Illusion of Space

“Design is coming to grips with one's real lifestyle, one's real place in the world. Rooms should not be put together for show but to nourish one's well-being.” 

- Albert Hadley


  1. Use Light Paint Shades

Light colors give the illusion of a bigger space. Light and bright walls are reflective, and when paired with natural light, allows for space to be created. On the other side of the spectrum, dark colors absorb light, and can easily give the illusion of a smaller space. This shows just how important it is to choose the correct shades for the room you wish to open up. Some popular light shades include: beige, light gray and eggshell white. Many people like to avoid painting their walls a stark white because of something called the “white box syndrome”, a space that is labeled as a room with no personality due to bland walls. Of course, this doesn’t mean white is completely off the table. Sometimes it can give off the popular industrial design style look. The best part about designing your own space is...

How to Turn Your Bedroom Into a Sanctuary for Sleep

“Laugh and the world laughs with you, snore and you sleep alone.”

- Anthony Burgess


  1. Invest in the Right Mattress

According to a National Sleep Foundation survey, 93 percent of respondents consider a comfortable mattress important to a good night’s sleep. Sleep impacts our bodies in a big way. Quality sleep will aid in improving memory, focus, lowering stress, balancing blood pressure, increasing productivity, heightening happiness, lowering weight, avoiding aging prematurely and increasing your lifespan. With a mattress that’s fit for your needs, your body is properly supported. This helps lower stress against pressure-sensitive parts of your body such as your hip, shoulder, ankle, and even ribs. With the correct mattress your spine is aligned with the rest of your body and your body weight is well distributed. Popular ideal mattresses...

7 Bedroom Items from Amazon You Need in 2020

“The bed has become a place of luxury to me! I would not exchange it for all the thrones in the world.”

Napoleon Bonaparte

  1. CubiCubi Desk (99.99)

Many of us are working from home due to the viral outbreak of COVID-19. With this, it is essential to have a space where you are able to work. This desk from CubiCubi makes for a great addition to the bedroom if you do not have a home office room. This 40” desk provides you with the space you need to tackle your work. It comes in a beautiful wooden finish that can fit most interior designs and also comes with storage pockets attached to the side of the desk. The desk is easy to assemble, has a sturdy design and is built to last for years. It also comes with a free 2...

4 Ways to Organize Your Closet

“The first step in crafting the life you want is to get rid of everything you don’t.”

Joshua Becker, “The Minimalist Home: A Room-by-Room Guide to a Decluttered, Refocused Life”

  1. Filter Through What Clothes to Keep and What Clothes to Toss

Over time, our closets can become filled to the brim with clothes. It can become a horrific sight that makes finding what you need impossible. The first step to tackle in cleaning out your closet is going to be the biggest task, filtering through your clothing. We know what you're thinking. “Why start with the most daunting task? I’ll quit before I’m finished. Shouldn’t we start with something easier?” you may ask. In the case of your closet, starting with the largest task is the most essential because it is the main thing many of us continue to put off. Filter through your clothing...

2020 Events: 10 Upcoming May and June Indy Events and Festivals

It’s finally May and Indy has got some great events in store for us! Check out this list to see the city’s upcoming events. In the wake of COVID-19, please be sure to check event website pages for potential time and/or date changes, or possibly event cancellations. 


Online Yoga Classes

Date: May 6 - 31

Sign up and attend virtual yoga classes with kOMpose Yoga Studio! Classes are conducted on Zoom and can also be accessed On Demand through Teachable. If you have never ventured into yoga before, now is the perfect time to get your feet wet. Choose an instructor and select a class that is fit for your body’s needs. Enjoy a much needed yoga session while staying safe in the comforts of your home!


Virtual Mini-Marathon


10 Indoor Plants to Start Your Collection!


5 Ways to Properly Organize Your Bedroom

"It's a very strange phenomenon, but when we reduce what we own and essentially 'detox' our house, it has a detox effect on our bodies as well."

Marie Kondo, Japanese Home Organization Expert

  1. Rearrange Your Furniture

Rearranging the furniture in a bedroom is a great way to refresh a space. We enter and exit this space multiple times a day and can easily grow accustomed to its design, and over time, grow bored of it. Move furniture around to see what arrangement fits your mood. Perhaps you can move your desk closer to the window to work in the sunlight or move your bed in this spot to wake up in a blanket of sunlight. The choice is entirely up to you. You could also invest in pieces of furniture or items that have seen better days. For example, maybe you’ve kept your mattress for 10 years too many and your muscles have been aching something...

Indy's New Must Try Fresh Bagel Delivery

What makes a good bagel? The answer is, nobody knows. Nobody besides a select few that is. The art of baking a bagel is similar to that of alchemy, in that it can only be learned or taught by one who has spent countless hours dedicated to perfecting their craft.

Luckily, we have one such gent right here in Indianapolis in Josh Greeson. And while he is a bit too humble to call himself The Bagel Alchemist, we have no qualms in doing it for him.

Josh initially started to sell his delicious bagels at Amelia’s, a bread bakery in Fountain Square, on Wednesdays, and quickly realized his demand was outgrowing just that one day.

In comes delivery! While you can still get Side Door Bagels at Amelia’s on Wednesdays, Josh now does fresh bagel delivery to Indianapolis and surrounding areas for free! (some areas may include additional charge). So you can now support a local and amazing business, while getting the freshest and most tasty bagels in Indianapolis!

Delivery days are Monday,...

5 Pieces of Positive COVID-19 News

In the wake of COVID-19, we are surrounded by coverage of illness and death on a daily basis. This article will allow us to take a look at some of the positives in a time of uncertainty to help settle our minds and calm our nerves.

“Discipline your mind to see the good in every situation and look on the best side of every event.” 

Roy Bennett


  1. 99.9 percent of people with COVID-19 recover

In a time of panic and turbulence, it is essential to understand that the recovery percentage rate of COVID-19 is a lot higher than what most people assume it to be. The recovery rate for COVID-19 is an astonishing 99.9% (Harvard Health Blog). It may seem like the recovery percentage is a lot lower, due to the fact that we are constantly hearing about the...

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