5 Cheap Tips You Can Do This Winter to Sell Your Home For More

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5 Cheap Tips You Can Do This Winter to Sell Your Home For More

1. Declutter!

Decluttering is hands down the most important item on this list, plus, it costs nothing!

Clean out your laundry room shelves of all the unnecessary items, leaving only 1 or 2 and a decorative basket.

Clear all but 1 or 2 items from your kitchen counters.

Move big bulky furniture like TV Stands and over sized end tables to basement storage or somewhere off site. Making your home as spacious as possible is critical. 

Why it Works: A new Home Owner wants to imagine THEMSELVES living in the space, not to be reminded of the people who currently live there. Decluttering allows them to see your house at it’s most ideal and roomy, even if the new homeowner will just bring in their own clutter. They see your house as their blank slate!

2. Organize

Now that you’ve decluttered, let’s organize! This may seem silly, but as our Realtors have shown, it works!  

Easy Example: Organize similar items in your pantry in a row, and hide or get rid of all other bulky items in the way.

3. Remove Wall Items and Other Distractions

Hand soap in the bathroom, lose it! Colorful towels in the bathroom? Lose them! Personal/Family pictures, okay, hide them in a drawer, definitely don't lose them!

This is all about depersonalizing your home. We know your home is special to you, but you want it to be special for the new owner too; the new homeowner wants to imagine themselves in there, and a blank slate helps them with that.

4. Repaint Walls to Neutral Tones

Or better yet, have a painting party and include your kids and friends!

Or better better yet, hire a professional. It saves you time and a headache.

A good price estimate is about a dollar per square foot of wall space, so you can negotiate with their quote if you feel it’s high.

5. Now, Add Some POP!

Okay, you’ve decluttered and organized. Now let’s add some inviting pop! A plant or two in living spaces, a bowl of fresh fruit in the kitchen, these small touches can be just the inviting touch that bring together a space!

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