5 Different New Year's Resolutions For a More Fulfilling 2020

2020, the arrival of a new decade. “This is my decade”, you tell yourself without making any plan of action. Let’s change that. We know the basic New Year’s Resolutions; you are going to exercise! You are going to eat healthier! You are going to save money! If you can do these, it’s great. We’ve even got another article to help you do just that which you can read here

But, if you are simply looking to implement a few realistic resolutions that will add small but quality improvements in your life, then you’ve come to the right place!


1. Drink More Tea

The Brits are definitely on to something with this whole tea drinking thing. Drinking warm tea, especially at night, has been proven to boost your overall feeling of well being and contentness. 

We recommend peppermint or mint tea, tea with ginger, hibiscus, or chamomile to see which you like best!

2. Practice Patience

Do you find yourself to be rather patient until you get into your car and proceed to curse at grandmothers and teenagers alike? Actively practicing patience can lead to a better life for both you and everyone else around you.

Take control back by thinking about that person who cut you off being late to pick up their child, or think about all the times you were late. When you’re in line at the grocery store and you just can’t possibly understand why they only have 1 register open, take a deep breath. Talk to the person in front of you. Be in the moment, it’s up to you how you feel about it!

3. Stretch

When was the last time you stretched? They say your brain has 5 seconds to make up an excuse, so quick, right now, stretch before you count to five! Stretching regularly will help you avoid being more prone to common injuries to areas like your neck and back. 

4. Go For Walks Without Your Phone

When you go out without your phone to use as a crutch, you’ll inevitably experience the world in a new way. Try going for a walk outside and leaving your phone at home. Let us know how it goes!

5. Try New Foods

Ever had Ethiopian Food? Indian Food? Make this year the year you branch out! Trying new things is scientifically proven to make you cooler, and taking your friends out for Ethiopian is sure to be a hit! 


We suggest Axum in Downtown Indianapolis or St. Yared Ethiopian in Geist


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