8 In-Home Activities to Lower Stress and Raise Optimism

You know you could do a puzzle, you know you could play another board game, but here are 8 Unique and Different Activities that can lead to lower stress and hopefully add some optimism to your daily life and outlook! We are all in this together!

1) Make It A Contest!

Compete with family in-person or on video: who can load/unload the dishwasher fastest, who can do the most push-ups, make a fun competition out of anything! 

2) Start a Garden

Indoor or outdoor, now is the perfect time to start a garden. There are various websites to order seeds from. If you have potting soil and pots, you can start inside, if not, it's nearly the time of year to start an outdoor garden anyway! Pick a spot in your yard that gets a good amount of sunlight and that doesn't hold water.

3) Vision Board

The only rule about Vision Boards are that there are no rules! It's a great way to visualize and put your Goals, Hopes, Dreams, Ambitions, etc. into an actual physical manifestation! Cut out picture goals from magazines, write favorite quotes, map out future trips, the possibilities are endless. All you need is a blank posterboard or multiple pieces of paper taped together and you're ready to go!

4) Dream Journal

A dream journal is just that, a journal in which to write down your dreams! Keep it by your bed, and when you wake up, write your dreams down! You'll be surpirsed at how interesting it is to read them back as you usually forget them in a matter of minutes. You can even use an online website to decipher what things in your dreams might mean! Have fun! 

5) Yoga & Other In-Home Workouts

Easier suggested than done, but the feeling you'll get after either of these is well worth it. There are countless beginner guided yoga sessions and workouts on YouTube. Do it! 

6) Take Up Old or New Hobbies

What better place than here? What better time than now? 

7) Learn a Foreign Language with Duolingo, Babbel, or Another App

Come out of this thing smarter and more well-rounded!

8) Meditate

There's a lot of stigma behind our final suggestion. Some people believe meditating to be sitting with an empty mind, free of thought, This is nearly impossible, especially at first. Try noticing your thoughts, then letting them go. Each time you bring your mind back to the moment you are winning and flexing your brain muscle! 

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