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How To Transform Your Home On A Budget

Any plans this weekend?

If none, why not do something you want to do but have been dreading to accomplish for the past few weeks -- doing a home transformation.

You may allot this weekend for small changes, such as gathering dust in every corner, changing the curtains you vowed to replace every other Saturday, and planting greens you haven't potted. 

Whether it's a small task or not, here are some cheap ways to transform your home:

Do A Painting Job

Want to make it fun? Be bold!

Choose a color based on your mood and head over to the nearest hardware store and buy it or have it mixed. Don't forget some brushes, too.

If you want to be less impulsive, quickly look for inspiration online. The idea is to avoid putting this thought on the back burner again. 


Role Of Technology In Real Estate And Why You Should Take Advantage Of It

Almost everything can be done at the touch of your fingertips -- looking for a new home to buy or rent, selling a property, or even searching for a real estate agent is possible with the help of your phone.

That, however, is only the tip of a much larger iceberg that there's a significant impact of technology in real estate industry for both consumers and business professionals in the sector.

There are numerous opportunities for using current real estate technologies to expand the nation's largest asset, estimated to be worth $40 trillion, in both residential and commercial properties. 

Here are five ways that prove the role of technology in real estate.

Online Listings

Anyone may easily examine inventories and see what's available, thanks to online listings. You may find information on the area, including school rankings, tax, images, and even purchase histories of houses, not to mention, the extensive descriptions of the...

Saving For Your First Home Deposit? Here’s What You Need To Know

Choosing the right home for your family is a struggle; saving up for a home deposit is another.

On average, it takes roughly 4 years or 51 months for a first-time home buyer to save the 20% down payment.

That's quite long, and many potential homeowners are having a hard time getting beyond the deposit obstacle and becoming homeowners sooner.

What Is The Average Home Down Payment?

As mentioned above, the average home down payment is 20%; however, some lenders will agree to a 5% or 10% home loan deposit. 

It all depends on the lender and their requirements. The advantage of having at least 20% or more is the perks you'll get from the home loan provider, such as the competitive interest rate and payment terms.

Below is a more detailed explanation of why you should save a 20% deposit:

Lower Repayments

If the loan term stays the same,...

Orchards and Farms To Visit In Indy

Autumn's brisk air will soon be here, and in Indiana, that means apples, pumpkins, and corn!
There are many apple orchards in indiana county pa and farms in and around the Circle City alone and fun corn mazes in Central Indiana, so if you and your family is up for fun, here are some great activities for you!
Address: 7010 E. Raymond St., Indianapolis
Operating Hours: Open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m daily

Master Guide to Fall Fun in Indy

The colorful season is here! A perfect time to enjoy fun activities with your family. Lucky for Hoosiers, Indiana has everything covered. From all there is to see in nature- beautiful foliage, apple orchards, and pumpkin patches - to all the fall festivals, farm, and Halloween activities.
Here is our Master Guide to Fall Fun in the beautiful Hoosier State. 
1. Foliage Watching

Ten Indiana Halloween Events 2022 - Upcoming Holiday Activities For Kids And Grownups

One of the most exciting events every year is coming, the question is: Are you ready to find the most entertaining activities for Halloween 2022? 

If yes, you're in luck! We had the liberty to gather one of the most comprehensive calendars of Indiana Halloween events 2022.

From family-friendly events to mature Halloween parties, we've listed ten holiday activities for people of all ages. We might not have all the information on every event, but there are plenty of suggestions to get you and your family excited for Halloween in Indiana.

Fright Night (Fort Wayne, IN)
October 15, 2022
What's Halloween without the spooktacular activities, such as Fort Wayne's annual Fright Night Downtown? This all-day event offers low or no-cost spooktacular activities, such as the Zombie walk, for kids and adults.

2022 Fall Festivals In and Around Indy

It's Fall Festival Season, and if there's one thing Indiana does not fall short of, it's festivals! Here are some of the Fall Festivals we recommend.

A spooktacular evening under Indiana's chilly harvest sky suited for the whole family.
Details: Open until October 30 from 7:30 - 10:00 PM

Top 10 Leaf-Peeping Locations In Indiana

Pumpkin spice, apple cinnamon, sweater weather, and the falling leaves in all shades of warm colors - Fall is finally here! The changing of the leaves from the green hues of summer to the warm shades of bright gold, orange, and red of autumn is something to look forward to each fall season. Lucky for Hoosiers and those traveling to the Hoosier State, Indiana has numerous spots to witness the beautiful autumn foliage.

Here are the top 10 Spots we recommend:

Indiana Dunes State Park

1600 N. East, Chesterton, IN 46304

Indiana Dunes State Park is among the best places to visit during the fall to witness the aesthetically pleasing color changing of the leaves. This park has a total of 2,182...

8 Places to Score Free or Get Awesome Taco Deals in Indiana For National Taco Day

Happiness is eating Tacos in your dream home; RE/MAX Advanced Realty can get you both! So let's Taco bout it! Below are the best deals around Indiana that you'll find on October 4 for National Taco Day.

Get ten mini-tacos made with shredded beef, green chiles, jalapeno peppers, and cilantro for just $2.
You need to sign up as a 7Rewards or Speedy Rewards member to avail this deal.
Enjoy Tacos all day for only $1.50. Place an order on the Fuzzy's Taco shop app on October 4, or scan your receipt from the day into the app for a chance to be among the 100 ...

Why Is Curb Appeal So Important?

Why is curb appeal so important? 

What does it mean? 

Before stepping inside, homebuyers form an opinion of a property based on its curb appeal. What a person can anticipate finding on the other side of the front door can be inferred from the aesthetic appeal of a home's front. Buyers' interest in entering the home will, at the very least, be influenced by the exterior. Therefore, it makes sense to concentrate on enhancing the curb appeal of your house if you want to optimize its worth. Buyers won't ask more questions until they are certain that the interior is worthwhile seeing.

But first, what is curb appeal?

The term "curb appeal" describes how appealing a home appears from the outside, from the street. However, in its most basic form, curb appeal is a subjective evaluation of a physical asset. For instance, people who see a home on the street find it attractive when it has a ...

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