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4 Unique Tiny Homes Around the World

Tiny homes are extremely popular in today’s real estate climate. In this article, we are bringing you 4 tiny homes so you can see what all the craze is about. Check out these 4 unique tiny homes from around the world!


3 Things Organizationally-Savvy People Do to Keep Their Homes Tidy

Organizationally-savvy individuals have an eye for both style and efficiency. Their homes are oftentimes well-designed, radiate a sense of balance, are somewhat minimalistic and are at its core, organized. What tips can you take from these individuals to incorporate into your own home? In this article, we are bringing you 3 things organized people do to keep their homes tidy.


4 Reasons Why Social Media Plays a Key Role In Business

Social media gives your brand a face. Through this medium, businesses can showcase their products and services and serve as a form of customer service. Understanding the impact that social media has for almost every business will help develop your social media plan. Check out these 4 reasons why social media plays a key role in business.

  1. ...

4 Ways Realtors Can Create a Solid Social Media Plan

Having a solid social media plan plays a critical role for most businesses. There are various forms of digital content to create and platforms to post each piece on. How can you as a realtor connect with your audience through these platforms? In this article, we are showing you 4 ways to increase your presence on social media and how to connect with your target audience.


Should I Buy a House in 2021?

The housing market in Central Indiana was very strong in 2020, and very much in favor of Sellers. So, if you do choose to buy in 2021, be ready to pay top dollar. However, that is not necessarily a bad thing.

Yes, you will be paying more than you might have paid 2 years ago, but your home will also hold it's value. And due to the Seller's market not looking like it will change anytime soon, this also means if you buy now, the value of your home is more than likely...

5 Self-Help Books You Should be Reading in Quarantine

COVID-19 cases are on the rise. With this, staying home is more critical than ever. While, home check out these self-help books to add to your reading list. Quarantine is the perfect time to dive deep into the topics of the books listed in this article! 

  1. ...

5 Home Habits to Keep Your Space Disinfected

Keeping your home free from harmful viral and bacterial matter is more important than ever. Each day, we track more bacteria inside our homes than we realize. It is vital that proper cleaning and precautionary measures are taken in order to keep ourselves and family members inside the home clear from harm’s way. In this article, we tackle how to stop germs at the front door and how to rid your home from the ones that slipped through the cracks.

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