Low Cost Ideas for Staging your Home in Indianapolis

Hiring a professional "stager" to prepare your Indianapolis homes for potential buyers can be expensive, but if you know some tricks, you can make your home very appealing to potential buyers.

We are going to give you a few tips how to improve your Indianapolis Real Estate with very low investment. If you are selling your Home in Indianapolis, by staging it properly you will reduce a listing’s time even up to 50% and take a maximum of your property.

Make more free space

Replace old items with new ones. It is important to know that too much furniture will make your space smaller and it will contribute to cluttering of your Indianapolis homes. Minimalism is popular everywhere in the world. You would be surprised how bigger your home looks like, just by getting rid of some excessive old furniture. By repositioning furniture into cozy conversational way, your dayroom will benefit in both ways: visually and practically. It will make your place look bigger and it will also make your space more user-friendly by allowing your visitors to walk freely.

Cheap and beautiful

Have you home be full of light. Make sure to have variety of lighting such as desk lamp, dayroom light stand, kitchen counter light, overhead light etc. Your home in Indianapolis would look more appealing and welcoming if you bring enough of lighting to it.

Select right wall colors

Each color refers to something specific. If you paint your room in green, it will reflect the color of nature. By painting the walls in the same color as your drapery, you are going to create an illusion of the space being bigger. If you like darker colors, it is recommended to use them in bedroom or dining room, since the dark color creates some sense of more intimate and private space.

Repair and polish wood

All the things made of wood will look like new if they are professionally painted. Repair your wooden sidewalk, door and add some more wood where it would bring cozy look. Some items such as candles go well with wood. Have floors refinished if needed.

Make your Yard look pretty

Plant some pretty flowers that will reflect cheerful colors and that will bring a smile on your potential buyer’s face.

Clean up your closets

Get rid of excessive stuff in your closets, especially ones that don’t look presentable. Leave closets open and half empty. By doing so – you will leave impression that your home has more closet space than you need. If needed – rent some storage space. If you believe it or not, some people even make final decision based on closet space.

Make your home clean

All of us love clean house, but some of us do not have time or will to keep up to it. Hiring some cleaning professionals is not a big investment, but it will create an impression that your home in Indianapolis has been well maintained. Get a carpet cleaning done by professionals as well. 

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