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Stunning 5 Bedroom 2.5 Bath home with 1100 sq. ft. finished basement has many updates including new countertops, carpet, freshly painted, tile in the kitchen and breakfast nook, kitchen features wonderful stainless steel appliances with center island.  Master bath includes vaulted ceilings with dual sinks and seperate garden tub with seperate shower.  This is a must see!  Listed at 199,900 it wont last long.  Call 317-298-0961 or Indianapolis Real Estate 


Low Cost Ideas for Staging your Home in Indianapolis

Hiring a professional "stager" to prepare your Indianapolis homes for potential buyers can be expensive, but if you know some tricks, you can make your home very appealing to potential buyers.

We are going to give you a few tips how to improve your Indianapolis Real Estate with very low investment. If you are selling your Home in Indianapolis, by staging it properly you will reduce a listing’s time even up to 50% and take a maximum of your property.

Make more free space

Replace old items with new ones. It is important to know that too much furniture will make your space smaller and it will contribute to cluttering of your Indianapolis homes. Minimalism is popular everywhere in the world. You would be surprised how bigger your home looks like, just by getting rid of some excessive old furniture. By repositioning furniture into cozy conversational way, your dayroom will benefit in both ways: visually and practically. It will make your place look bigger and it will also make your space more user-friendly by allowing your visitors to walk freely.

Cheap and beautiful

Have you home be full of light. Make sure to have variety of lighting such as desk lamp, dayroom light stand, kitchen counter light, overhead light etc. Your home in Indianapolis would look more appealing and welcoming if you bring enough of lighting to it.

Select right wall colors


Should you Invest in Land or a Indianapolis homes

Would You Invest in a Land or House in Indianapolis?

Buying and selling houses and commercial land in Indianapolis could be a good decision. However, it is pretty much dependent on what the real estate market rates are going on nowadays. Investing in a house or land; however, in an effective decision, especially if you are living in a place like Indianapolis. There are numerous benefits, if you have decided to invest in a house or commercial land in Indianapolis. Following are some of the key benefits that you should know if you are going to invest in Indianapolis:

  • Comparatively Affordable Real Estate Prices:

The  Indianapolis real estate is very much attractive for those investors, who don’t have a big piggy bank and want to invest in an area where the real estate market is comparatively low as compared to other areas in the United States. The real estate housing sector always has a discount offer on various houses and commercial lands that are up for sale.

  • A Nice Community for Living:

Another best thing about Indianapolis is that it has an attractive and lively community for people to live. Numerous amenities are available to the local residents along with some great neighborhoods including Downtown, Southport and Greenwood.

  • Calling all Nature Lovers:...

Effective Methods to Sell Home Fast in Indianapolis

Effective Methods to Sell Home Fast in Indianapolis

Real Estate market in the United States has been bourgeoning due to world-wide desirability and world-class commercial, communal and tourist’s facilities available in different states of the country. Over the past few years, numerous states within the Unites States have flourished to be on the top of the list for being the key place for foreigners, businessmen and tourists. 

  • Information on Indianapolis:

Indianapolis is the capital city of Indiana. Being one of the most crowded cities, Indianapolis is known as the best real estate markets in the Indiana. According to the recent real estate surveys, the average or median asking price of homes there are around $140,000 to $165,000.

  • Median Price Range in Indianapolis:

So, comparing the asking median price of the current week with that of the last week, there is a slight decline of 0.4% or $625. Well, it will be around that price in the coming week as the major neighborhood attractions include that of the Foreign Square, Pine Ridge Estates and many other demanding localities.

  • Effective Methods to Sell Home Fast:

Now with the increase in the property rates, many people think that purchasing a house in Indianapolis is a tough task. On the contrary, people...

Indy Home Pros Team awarded as the #1 Real Estate Team in Indiana for 2013

The Indy Home Pros Team at RE/MAX Advanced Realty was recently honored as the #1 Selling Real Estate Team for the State of Indiana for Commissions earned and Transactions completed.  The team has been recognized as the leading team in Indiana for the past 3 years.  The Indy Home Pros Team covers all of Central Indiana.   Call 317-298-0961 to speak with one of Indianapolis Realtor.


Indianapolis Real Estate Market

Booming Indianapolis

Real Estate market Indianapolis is the capitol of Indiana. According to the statistics, our city has slightly less than 800,000 residents. If we are looking from larger perspective, this city is ranked 13th on the list of largest cities in the States. City is known for many racing happenings and many lovers from around the country and even around the world love visiting this city and attending sports events.

Modest and steady growth

Counties such as Hamilton and Johnson have experienced modest and steady growth of real estate investments during the last decade. If we take a look at the current real estate market growth, we can freely say that Hamilton itself stands for the fastest growing county in the State of Indiana and even the whole Midwest. State of Indiana itself shows modest overall growth.

Indianapolis goes public

City of Indianapolis has been listed by many media means in the past. CNN Money greatly presented city of Indianapolis as the city with a great future with a local economy that grows faster than national average. Furthermore, Forbes Magazine spoke about this city in a very bright light, by placing him on the top 10 list of the best cities to purchase a Indianapolis home in the United States.

Factors that contributed to growth of Indianapolis

Well noticeable business investments resulted in lower unemployment rate and more overall stability in local economy....

How to prepare your home for sale in Indianapolis

All sellers have in mind just one thing - how to sell their home at the highest possible price. We are not the only one trying to sell the Indianapolis homes. As a matter a fact, each neighborhood has several houses for sale like the one we do. Competition is not always a bad thing, especially if it is healthy.

Let’s do a walk through

Take a pen and paper and go outside of the house. Write down everything that you would like to change in your garden. Old baskets should be replaced, chairs repainted and some sprinkles fixed. Take a walk through your home and try to notice all the things that you would otherwise notice if this is your first time visiting this place. We all get use to our living environment, so we even no longer see old, rusty, broken things around us that will decrease overall value of the property even if those things are not going to be sold with the house itself.

Cosmetic work

We all know what real investment is in the plumbing, roof and floor replacement. This type of evaluation when it comes to serious repairs should be done by professionals and you should decide if you are able to take that project on yourself after considering your current financial situation. Regardless of your financial status, there are many small things that can be done to improve that first impression of the house and they are known as “cosmetic work”. Yes, the way how ladies know how to make themselves pretty, the house can get...

Indianapolis Housing Market outlook for 2014

Indianapolis housing market continues steady growth in 2014

Residents of Indianapolis have noticed declines in unemployment rate, which further produced continues growth of Real Estate market.

One of the most stable markets in the States

We have great statistics made my Metro study – known as national data firm with the largest database of Real Estate matters in the country, which confirms our belief. Just in the third quarter of the last year more than thousand new home projects started. That number, from what we remember, has not been reached since 2008, right before recession. On the other hand, some of The Metropolitan Indianapolis areas are known as affordable great investment. “Carmel” has been ranked as forth most affordable for families to live in, according to the National Association of Homebuilders. Families and investors that love more upscale parts of Indianapolis are able to choose more expensive properties.

Indianapolis as the center of events

There are many events that made this city more popular and hosting of the Super Bowl is just one of them. Thousands of people from around the country came to this event. Overall feedback was that the event was very well organized. As a result, we have increased financial activities in the city. Besides this type of events, Indianapolis has what to offer when it comes to family life. Plenty of museums such as Museum of Art, The Eiteljorg Western Museum as well as White River State park are just...

Carmel Indiana Real Estate and Information

Carmel Indiana

Carmel Indiana real estate market is known as a fast growing and very progressive place located slightly north of Indianapolis. For all new investors and family home buyers, investing or moving here means becoming a part of strong community where thousands of residents live. With many public and private educational institutions, restaurants, beautiful parks and upscale art galleries, this small community is perfect for raising the children. The place is also well known for its’ live music events which many people from Indianapolis love to attend on regular basis. Carmel Indiana real estate market took a part in media. This place became more popular when CNBC put him on the list of the best cities for the families to relocate to in America. CNN ranked this beautiful community as the 14th on the list of the best places to live. If you are looking to relocate to nice and peaceful place, we would definitely suggest that you should check out homes for sale in Carmel. With population of 80,000 residents, this place can proudly say that unemployment rate isn't even half of the average in the United States.

History of Carmel Indiana

By looking back in the history, we notice that Carmel was originally inhabited by Delaware Indians. Electricity was invented during the twentieth century as well as gas and water system, which gave a lot of benefits to this little cozy place. One of the most beautiful cultural events took place in 1962, when the city market it’s’ 125th...

Remodel Your Home - Getting a Home Improvement Loan

If you want to remodel your home by taking a loan, make sure to spread payments according to your paying off capability. After you decided that it’s time to look into some home improvements as well as upgrade of living environment, you can do so in many ways from bathroom repairs to adding an extension to your current space of living.

Remodeling as a financial decision

Remodeling is not just a small change that is going to make you temporary happy, but a strategic step towards raising the value of your home, especially if you are planning to sell your property it in near future. We should notice the difference when it comes to financial side of home improvement. While decorating the home can be done without so much of financial investment, some major technical improvements such as central heating could cost you significant investment

Get a quote from a few tradesmen

If you have some experience in home remodeling that would be beneficial in a sense of saving some money, while it is highly advised to hire a good tradesman and have a walk-through with him to see what is needed to be done in the house. He will be able to provide you a quote for the job that you guys are planning to get done. It is also important to know the difference between “quote” and an “estimate”. Quotes are more set type of investment evaluation, with précised...

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