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5 Home Improvements to Help Sell Your Home

In this article, we are bringing you 5 ways to help improve the interior and exterior of your home to help it sell. You’ll want to bookmark this one!


  1. Landscaping

Landscaping plays a vital role in the aesthetic of a home by providing onlookers a chance to see if the home is well-kept, therefore providing an opportunity for viewers to visualize the inside of the home.

Various ways to look after the land include the use of grass treatments for a lush green turf, keeping the lawn cut, and removing pesky weeds. You also want to ensure you keep fresh mulch around your plant beds. This is especially important to replace when the mulch starts to look dry and lacks luster.

Find organic...

5 Moving Hacks You Need to Know!

Moving soon? In this article, we are bringing you 5 must-know moving hacks. You’ll want to use these tips during your move!

  1. Group clothes using trash bags

When packing the clothes in your closet, you don’t need to take every article of clothing down, fold them and pack them in boxes. This can take some time and takes away boxes that could have been used for a better purpose such as for dishes or cleaning supplies. A simple solution to this is to utilize trash bags. How can these help? Simply, bag the clothes from the bottom up, while the clothes are still hanging, pull to the top, then tie the strings around the hangers. 10-15 articles of clothing have now been grouped into one! The bag also offers protection from spills or anything else that could potentially stain or damage the fabric. Continue grouping articles...

Post Quarantine Sees Home Values Skyrocket

The law of supply and demand is in full effect in the current Central Indiana housing market. A plethora of eager buyers competing for a smaller number of homes being listed is causing home values to go up quickly and consistently. 

At times, sellers are receiving 30+ offers, and buyers are bidding one another up for your home! Now is the time to sell, as this trend is not guaranteed to last. See how much your home value has increased here, FREE AND INSTANT.

Speak with a RE/MAX Advanced Realty Agent Today by calling 317-245-6174, emailing, or filling out our seller form here.

See the numbers for Central Indiana below, or download the pdf for your county here


Scientifically Proven Ways to Help You Relax

Today is National Relaxation Day! Yes, there’s a day dedicated for us to take it easy.  A  day where everyone is encouraged to slow down, unwind, and simply focus on taking care of ourselves. However,  with our fast-paced and often hectic lifestyles, plus the unprecedented challenges we are facing because of the current pandemic, it is even harder to relax these days. Good thing there’s science to back us up. Here are 7 scientifically proven ways that help reduce stress.

1. Get a plant

Spending time in nature improves your overall well-being but did you know that studies have shown that even just a little greenery is great for your health? Yes! One tiny plant cant makes a difference. So what are you waiting for? Bring some plants to your home and office to add zen to your space. Check-out our article on the 10 House Plants to Start your Collection: 

2. Eat a Banana 

Bananas B-vitamins, like folate and vitamin B6,  are key to the production of serotonin, which...

5 Ways to Stage Your Home Perfectly

In this article, we are bringing you 5 ways to stage your home perfectly for a showing. Which tip is at the top of your list? Comment down below!

  1. Clean & Declutter

Decluttering should be the first factor to come into play when having a home viewing, but shockingly enough, some homeowners don’t take this into enough consideration. They assume that if the house is relatively clean, then the task of cleaning can be checked off their list, despite things such as mail and supplies still being in view. When having a showing, all areas of the home need to be given full commitment. Random items such as mail and sheets of paper should be kept out of sight. It is also important to note that these things should be properly stored verses shoved in a drawer because some viewers at showings aren’t shy about opening up drawers. For example, it is recommended to keep closet doors in bedrooms open. Why is this? This...

10 Ways to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

 In this article, we are bringing you 10 easy ways to increase your home’s curb appeal!

  1. Clean up the lawn

Keeping the lawn in pristine condition is a competitive game many people play with their neighbors, even though the match was never outwardly declared. Why are we obsessed with our lawns? The lawn is one of the first things that catches the eyes of our neighbors, visitors and those who are passing by. Homes that have fresh and well-kept lawns attract visitors and those passing by because it shows the owners care about the home and there is a greater chance that the inside of the home is just as nice and well-groomed as the outside.

  1. Greet guest with a charming doormat

Doormats are a great and easy way to add stuttle charm to your home. Invest in a new mat if your current one looks a bit worn down. There are many doormats on the market to choose from. Some have bold colors, others...

5 Unique Homes Around the World

In this article, the Indy Home Pros team is bringing you 5 unique homes from around the world! Which home would you be able to live in? Which design do you find most unique? Leave us a comment down below!

  1. The Transparent House (Tokyo, Japan)

Design by Sou Fujimoto Architects

This transparent home in Tokyo, Japan is a showstopper! Totaling just 914 square feet, this home captures the essence of organization and simple structure that is engraved in Japanese culture. The home was built by Sou Fujimoto Architects. The inspiration for this home stems from the idea of living within a tree and that everything is connected. Ancient predecessors in this culture once lived in trees and these architects wanted to go back to their roots with a modern twist. The drawback that many people would find in this unique home is the lack of privacy. The home...

5 More Eco-Friendly Items from Amazon Everyone Should Have

 The Indy Home Pros Team is back again to bring you another Amazon list! In this article, we are showing you 5 more amazing eco-friendly products that are perfect for the home. For your safety, we recommend waiting to order non-essential packages to avoid potentially spreading viral infections during this time. For now, we encourage you to simply add these amazing items to your cart or wishlist and order when conditions are ideal. Be sure to wear your mask, engage in social distancing and keep your hands clean. Thank you!


  1. Glass Straws

In 2019, the world saw the destruction that plastic straws...

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