What's Your Interior Design Style? (QUIZ)

Do you know your interior design style? Take this quiz to find out the best way to decorate your home based on a style that’s true to you! Grab a pen and piece of paper, and mark your answers as you complete a total of 10 questions. Once finished, total up your As, Bs and Cs. At the end of the quiz, you will find your results based on what letter you scored the highest in. 


  1. I prefer… 

a. Earth and neutral tones

b. Bright and bold tones

c. All white


  1. My required home feature is:

a. Home office

b. Spacious laundry room

c. Chef's kitchen


  1. What flooring do you prefer in your bedroom?

a. Hardwood

b. Tile

c. Carpet


  1. My favorite texture is:

a. Stainless steel

b. Marbel

c. Wood


  1. I love having plants in the home

a. True

b. False


  1. High ceilings aren’t important to me

a. True

b. False


  1. I would love to relax in a season room

a. True

b. False


  1. What’s your preferred pet?

a. Cat

b. Dog

c. Other/No pets


  1. Yard space is important to me:

a. True

b. False


  1. What scenery would you like to be surrounded by?

a. Ocean

b. Forrest

c. Traditional neighborhood



Mostly As…

Your interior design style is minimalist!

You love a simple design with splashes of green from plants to bring in a breath of fresh air. Things you enjoy to decorate your home with include items such as books, simple wall art, plants or perhaps a few candles. Textures you are drawn to include stainless steel, glass, and at times wood. You thrive in a space that’s been painted in neutrals because you are able to fully experience its balancing affects.


Mostly Bs…

Your interior design style is modern! 

You strive to stay up-to-date and keep things at their core simple. Modern and minimalist are style partners, as they share many of the same qualities. Your shades of choice include beige, soft grays and perhaps a splash of color on one wall to bring some vibrance into a space. You love a touch of symmetry throughout your home through furniture and wall art, and open windows to bring in lots of natural light.


Mostly Cs…

Your interior design style is industrial!

As an industrial design lover, you live for stainless steel, woods and white. Industrial design is also a style partner with minimalism because it also favors a simple design. They also share similar tastes in textures, examples being wood, stainless steel and glass. You love a good home DIY project and like to spend some free time searching for items that could help further capture the aesthetic of your home.

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