Why Feng Shui Matters in a Home

More than ever, finding comfort in the home is crucial in recent times. With the pandemic still on the rise, finding peace in the home is something we are all searching for. In this article, we are breaking out the art of feng shui and easy ways you can incorporate it into your home. You’ll want to bookmark this one!

1. Identifying What is Feng Shui

First it is important to identify just what exactly Feng Shui is. Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of rearranging your environment to encourage harmony and create a balance of energy within the home. How did the idea of feng shui begin and how did it find its way into the home? Chi or energy was the start of it all.


Feng shui unearthed over 3,000 years ago in China. The practice is still popular in spaces all over the modern interior design world. As previously mentioned, the most important concept in Feng Shui is an energy or chi. Like gravity, chi is not something you can see or touch, but you most definitely feel its effects. What determines the amount of chi you can create in your home? It all has to do with symmetry and balance with the items in your space to create or improve the flow of positive energy within various areas of the home.

Like a traditional charge, with chi, there is positive chi and negative chi that can be produced in the home. In order to improve your Feng Shui at home, your objective is to decrease as much negative chi as possible. We will cover how to increase positive chi, therefore decrease negative chi, further into this article. Another important and interesting aspect about chi is that it can be moved. Adding moving elements into the home can actually move chi. By adding various elements such as flowing water, you can adjust the flow of chi, increasing the positive chi in a space.

2. Bringing Light to Various Areas in the Home

In order to achieve proper Feng Shui, all areas of the home need to have access to natural light. In the art of Feng Shui, light is seen as an energy activator. It is also another means to move energy around a space. Candles are another way of adding sources of light into the home. Artificial light can also help increase a positive flow of energy. Be sure to have a light source in various areas of the home.

Reflective elements are also important to incorporate. Why is this? Items such as mirrors, metal, and glass objects reflect light throughout a space. This serves as another way to create flowing energy in the home. However, you can run into the issue of having an excess of these surfaces. This is so because an excess of these objects can prove to be distracting. Material that complement reflective objects include natural textiles such as wood, stone, woven, etc. 

3. Encouraging a Positive Flow of Energy

In order to encourage free flowing energy, it’s important to remove distractions that block the flow. Keeping multiple pathways open is an easy place to start. This includes keeping doors inside the home and windows open. This opens up the home and allows the space to be filled with clean air. Placing mirrors in the home will also reflect and draw energy into other parts of the home.

Chi is personal, meaning it is an experience unique to each of us. Finding balance that is tailored for our needs is crucial in order to achieve a sense of harmony that reflects best in our home. This will encourage balance and a sense of well-being to our lives.

Natural materials complements the art of Feng Shui beautifully. These materials include natural fabrics, stone, wood, and metal. It’s best to stay away from chemically-treated and unnatural products, as they can have a direct and negative impact on health which affects your wellbeing. 

4. Freshen and Clear the Air

Air quality plays a vital role in Feng Shui because it is directly connected to health and wellbeing. The air in the home is connected to chi. Would you feel more comfortable in a space with stuffy air or a space that’s well ventilated with fresh air flowing in from an open window? Be mindful of chemical cleaners or air sprays you bring into the home. These can be harmful for your wellbeing. Substitute these products for products with natural ingredients. Products that are harsh in ingredients can be damaging to energy flow.

Open your windows when possible to bring fresh air into the home and let each room breathe. It’s also a good idea to invest in indoor plants, as they act as natural air purifiers. The combination of these things will leave your home refreshed.

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