Guaranteed Buyout Program

Are you thinking of selling your home to purchase another home with equal or greater value in Indianapolis or the surrounding area,  but would like the comfort and peace of mind of having a guarantee?  At RE/MAX Advanced Realty - The Indy Home Pros Team we offer you the guarantee of we will sell your home or we will buy it!  Our Guaranteed buyout program is different than most you will find in Indianapolis.  Most agents offer a buyout only if you choose to build or purchase a newly constructed home.  We offer a buyout even if you are shopping for an existing previously owned home.

How will the guaranteed buyout program work for me? 

Should your existing home not be sold by the listing contract expiration date, Guaranteed Sold, LLC will purchase your home for the upfront negotiated amount.  It's that easy!

Our Guaranteed Buyout Program allows you to:

  • Plan with confidence for your upcoming move to your new home
  • Eliminate any risk to your earnest money and upgrade deposits made on any "new construction"
  • Enjoy the comfort of knowing that finding your dream home is really going happen.

 What do I need to know, fees, and other questions?

  • You will be required to list your home with one of our preferred listing specialists at RE/MAX Advanced Realty
  • A listing specialist will contact you and set an appointment to take a look at your home.
  • Our listing specialist will do a complete market analysis on your home.
  • The listing specialist will gather information and present it to our buyout company
  • Typically within 24 hours our listing specialist will present you with your buyout price - no obligation to you.
  • You will be required to list your home for 180 days, structured pre-determined price reductions will be included in your listing contract.
  • Standard Realtor commissions and fees apply.  
  • You (the seller) will be required to pay for an upfront inspection and repair any items that may need addressed.  Fee typically 300-400.
  • Our listing specialist will market and assist you with preparing your home for the market by utilizing a home staging expert.

How do you get started?

Fill out our seller form and one of our listing specialists will contact you.

**Certain restrictions apply not all homes will qualify for the guaranteed buyout program.**